Commute Map England & Wales

* Choose a region and a Local Authority District (LAD) at upper left to launch visualization.
* Click "PAUSE" to toggle between play and pause modes. "+" and "-" will adjust Speed or Zoom.
* Click "WORKPLACE" to toggle to "RESIDENTIAL" and show commutes with workplace in selected LAD.
* When paused, click on a dot to see options. You can re-center the map on a dot. Click again to close callout.
* Click and hold on map to enter 'PAN' mode. Release and reclick, drag map to new position, release button to exit 'PAN' mode.
* Click on a LAD name in the color key below map to select that LAD.
* Click on commute length text ("30 to 60 km") to change distance criteria of commute. Use arrow keys for finer adjustment of slider.
* 'Commuter Workers' are commuters who work in the LAD, regardless of where they live. 'Commuter Residents' are commuters who live in the LAD regardless of where they work.
* Thanks to Alasdair Rae for supplying the data and suggesting this new version of the original US version of the commute map.
Data for this visualization is National Statistics data © Crown copyright and database right 2016 combined with Google MAPS API. See my blog post for more information on how the page was put together. Email if you have any questions.